Friday, June 26, 2009

M & M cru

if you want to watch m & m cru :

have you voted for the teen choice awards 09??!!??

if you havent vote..what are you waiting for??? besides the jonas brothers are gonna be the hosts, and if you had...VOTE AGAIN!! you can vote daily

But the really important part is that it's time to VOTE for your favorite movies, music,TV, athletes, stars, and other stuff too! If you are 13-19 you can cast your votes and make your voice heard. And you can vote EVERY DAY! You heard right, EVERY DAY! So why wouldn't you?

miley cyrus teen choice awards 08

to watch the complete performance of miley click here

Niley special

lets remember this moment at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS when miley was performing 7 nick or selena, who he have to remember sat together..miley jealous???

i wanted to make a niley special, cuz you know they wre back so..lets remember a little their history.

Before the storm video??

kevin said it might be possible that in the next weeks before the storm will be the next single of the LVTT , so that let us think before the storm may be a video. and the costars will be NILEY

jonas brothers on LARRY KING

jonas brothers were on LARRY KING LIVE the other day, they confirmed they have girlfriends, when larry king asked JOE if his girlfriend was as famous as nick's he said: NOBODY IS MORE FAMOUS THAN MILEY CYRUS.

Kevin also confirmed he had girlfriend, but he wanted to keep the name private.
she's danielle, and old friend from new jersey

And with this was how jonas brothers confirmed they do have girlfriends

Thursday, June 25, 2009

niley !!

great picture...but not mine haha

are you happy that niley is back??? or you prefered selena gomez?? comment

do you remember this akward moment at the GOLDEN GLOBES red carpet??

well yes,this was an akward moment at the golden globes red carpet between jonas brothers specially nick, miley cyrus and the rest of the cyrus family. something happened there, but we dont know exactly what. haha, well at least we have this picture

more forgotten pics: NILEY

this is a great footage or whaterver its called,obviously is FAKE cuz that day she went to dinner wiff justin

we refresh your mind with this niley pics.Do you think miley andnick have recconected?? or just good friends

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

have u forgotten this?

well if you've forgotten this pictures we'll refresh ur mind. hope u like it


this picture is recent, when they went to the theatre to work on the song before the storm,the source says niley was really happy, and were making laugh each other. and nick paid for the sodas,ticket and popcorns. this was june 6, on burbank theatre where they saw the hangover.
check out on celebrity crush what he wrote: miley cyrus

demi lovato's new pics

demi lovato dyed her hair!! and probably new extensions

demi lovato getting out of mtv, looked her new extensions and dyed hair. do you like demi's darker hair?

arent they the sweetest couple??

miley and nick perfroming BEFORE THE STORM in dallas, miley seemed to be really happy

Monday, June 22, 2009

Emma Watson

more niley pics, besides miley at HM set + twitter pics

"hi im ronnie"
"say hello to my BFF liam"

well the sweet couple at dallas performing the last song. where miley dressed a little white dress. and miley at hannah montana's set.