Sunday, November 8, 2009

Miley and Max behind the scenes

Miley and Max clothing line behind the scenes.

Miley Cyrus rocking Jersey


Demi got a brand new Mercedes as her first car, ...its really beautiful and i love the fact that she didnt want an ecologic car as miley's PRIUS- that's just demi, i love her

Demi lovato and Chloe Bridges SLEEPOVER

Demi and Chloe matching pjs, some say demi's pj is really short. but what do you think?? is demi following miley's steps, ...

who's pics are worst MILEY'S OR DEMI'S'??

Just saying im a fan of both girls. but they make mistakes as we all do. and they are teenagers.

i've always been of the idea that demi is fake and used to hide her real side, now she's just being her, and she doesnt care what other people says, demi can also be a real bitch, but whatever...she tried to be de good disney girl, but she couldnt pretend to be someone that she's never been. she was just hiding her inner demi. but whatever, i dont care about her pictures , neither what she wears. i love her voice.

on the other hand i think miley's also made mistakes, but she's no fake. and she can also be a bitch, i dont care what she wears, or her pictures. but people judge miley a lot, for example, if demi has a piercing ( which she does) nobody says anythng, but if its miley, everyone judge her. on the clothes too. demi wears shorts, and skirts and a lot of things and usually she doesnt get crap about it, as miley. I know miley's been wearing really short clothes, but that's just her.

on selena, i think she's a good person, but i think she's really deep, and sometimes fake.

that's just my opinion. i respect both girls, and i know they've made mistakes and they are not perfect. and they get so much pressure for being on the spotlight. and i understand if u have other opinions. i also like selena. just saying

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is nick miley's John Smith??

remember when miley said she would be Pocahontas, and the only thing left was look for her John Smith? is it coincidence that nick had that outfitt just days ago?? or he was miley's secret JOHN SMITH??

Demi makes a fan her dream come true

There was this fan, who had a sign that said demi sing with me. and demi picked her to sing with her on stage. woah that's luck. And demi makes a fan her dream come true

Miley Pocahontas rocker

miley cyrus partying at a local club. she sang I love rock n roll. and left shortly after.


ACCORDING TO RYAN SECREAST nick jonas has confirmed his solo tour starting 2010. This is just weird, can you imagine nick touring ALONE, without joe, and keivn. Some cant believe it, some cant wait. But what do you think?? ....