Monday, October 26, 2009

Forgotten Tweets.

Demi lovato shooting Remember December

Today demi was shootin her video for Remember December along Maeghan Martin, Chlod and Anna sure it will rock.

Anna Maria and Frankie

BOUNCE already on iTunes

What first started as a joke, or fun, ended up as a big success, and now, bounce is already on iTunes, and on Radio Disney. do you liked BOUNCE??

Miley get your good on

Miley Wonder World Tour

miley rocking her tour. which outfitt do you like the most?? which is your favorite song?

Noie and Ems halloween costume

they had dressed up twice for halloween. which one do you like the most?

Miley: the time of our lives

Miley new EP the time of our lives, has a different cover in mexico and other you like it?

Noie and Ems sexy ladybugs costume

BFF's noie and ems,who have her youtube show, and have appeared in movies, got dressed up as ladybugs for halloween ronald cause. Do you like her costumes??

Selena: Miley is a sweetheart

uhjm YEAH sure, bff's?? (sarcastic tone) selena is cheating no one, we all know they hate each other or at least they dont like each other. but we're sure there's a feud. Nick JONAS maybe'? was the problem...who knows but we are sure they dont "call " as selena says.

Demi and Miley posing in the bathroom BFF's

Miley and Demi posing recently in the bathroom, what do you think about MEMI or whatever it is? uhmm where's SELENA?? ARE they still friends

Miley Cyrus more backstage pictures

Miley and Mandy sushi BFF's

Miley and Mandy having lunch before miley's concert City Of Hope. they took pictures with fans and enjoyed her time.