Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miley, 'The Life I Love Is Makin' Music..'

Jessie James touring with JONAS BROTHERS

Jessie James chatted with Rolling Stone about not wanting to date a Jonas Brother, being asked to tone down her sex appeal for shows and how Jonas fans were upset when it was announced she was touring with them. Jessie revealed: 'When it was announced that I was touring with them, girls freaked out on their blogs.

One night I wore a tank top, and girls wrote, 'She looks like a slut!''Her single 'Wanted' includes lyrics: 'I wanna tease you till you're begging me/ And you're on your knees and it's hard to breath'. She admitted she was asked to tone down her act and not wear Daisy Duke-style jean cutoffs: 'They were concerned that I might be a little too sexy.'

Trace Makes out with DEMI look-alike??

Trace Cyrus passionately makes out with a Demi Lovato lookalike while posing for paparazzi after their dinner date at Katsuya. Trace & Demi recently broke off their short relationship.

Jonas Brothers American Idol Judges???

Kelly Clarkson & a Jonas Brother will be featured in next week's American Idol audition series, according to Pop Tarts. Other superstars joining Simon, Randy and Kara for Season 9 include Shania Twain, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Mary J Blige. An insider revealed: 'At this stage it doesn't look like Paula will be replaced by one person. The celebrity judges are working really well for now.' Who do YOU want the Jonas guest judge to be, Kevin, Joe or Nick?

Miley and Justin: Did the Butterflies fly away?

Demi Lovato: FAN meeting

Joe Jonas Skate Fan 'Shaking & Crying'

NOLA.com article on Joe Jonas' skating birthday party at Skate Country Westbank in Terrytown, New Orleans, LA. Kayla Walden, 13, daughter of the skating rink's manager. Her mom said: 'Kayla got to meet them and take a picture. She was shaking and crying. They told her, 'It's OK, it's OK.' They were really sweet.'

On Wednesday someone called wanting to book a private party for an unnamed celebrity. When they found out it was a surprise party for Joe Jonas, they put an announcement on the skating rink's Web site warning parents to pick up their children an hour early Saturday because of 'unforeseen maintenance repair.' Jonas' manager wanted the party strictly confidential: 'They just wanted to have a good time with their family and friends without being disturbed and bothered. The boys don't get to have too much down time.

They're always on the road and at concerts. They skated and had the best time.'Party DJ A.J. Vado said: 'I had to ask which one's which. I met with Joe, when I figured out who he was. He said, 'I wanna hear old school.' Skating rink worker said: 'They didn't act like they were too good for anybody.'

Miley Cyrus Stalker arrested once again!!

Miley Cyrus' stalker Mark McLeod, 53, is scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing Tuesday afternoon in Georgia. He is being held at the Chatham County jail on misdemeanor charges of attempted stalking, disorderly conduct and obstruction of a police officer. Police say McLeod twice came to Tybee Island looking for Miley and tried to breach a security perimeter around the movie set in June. Police say Mark told an officer he was secretly engaged to marry Miley. Miley has finished filming The Last Song on Tybee Island has managed to avoid a stalker attack so far.

Joe Jonas 20th BIRTHDAY


Joe decided to celebrate his 20th skating in New Orleans along with his family. the owners of the place said they called on wednesday to ask if they could close the place for an unknown celebrity; the place decided to do so, but when they arrived they never imagined the unknown celebs would be THE JONAS BROTHERS !! the daughter of the owner's place took a pic while she was shaking and crying, the JB said "It's Ok, It's Ok"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

NO LONGER BFFS?? demi and selena, miley and mandy

and she changed mandy for demi
she changed the beach girs instead of miley

she changed demi for taylor

she changed selena for miley

so now its selena and taylor and miley and demi. and mandy with the beach girls5


1 year ago
months backk

this was months before

this is now

So whoever called demi FAT!! what was he/she thinking?? i mean demi is not fat, but she felt she was so she started loosig weight!! demi is so skiny right now...scary thinny

Miley Cyrus ' Nashville is who i am

Miley's Starpulse interview: What would you get up to on the perfect day? At the moment, the perfect day would involve a sleep-in! I'm a night owl who loves to stay up late - but then I find myself with a 6 AM start time and I'll end up having only two hours sleep. That's why my perfect day would involve sleeping in and then hanging out by the pool with my mom.

What else do you like to do in your spare time? I like to ride my bike and I love reading. I also like to watch movies and stay up late. Staying up late is great because I find it really relaxing. It's the only time when everyone else is asleep, so I can have some alone time.

What are you obsessed with besides shopping? I am completely obsessed with Twitter. I love it. I'm always writing on it and chatting to fans. It's fun. I like Tweeting.

Would you like to take a trip around the world? Definitely! There are loads of things I want to do. I'd love to take off and go backpacking around Europe, but I think it might be a little difficult.

Might you leave Hollywood? Not yet! But filming the Hannah Montana movie really made me miss home. When audiences walk away from the film, I hope they feel like they've been to my home. I hope they feel like they understand Nashville because Nashville is everything to me. Nashville is who I am.

What do you over-think? In the book, this guy is obsessed with a girl called Jane, and I can be exactly like that when it comes to boys. I'll be thinking, 'I really hope they like me.' And I'll stress and stress and stress about it.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hopefully I'll still be working in ten years. I love doing films, so I hope I'm doing them for years to come, but I also hope that I've become a bit more settled

Miley NEXT britney??

Demi lovato piercing

Demi has a belly button piercing just as miley, is piercings becoming part of every disney star?? maybe, miley has one, demi too, ashley has a tattoo, so does hayden panettiere

Mley: Glasses make me look SMART

JOE JONAS valentines day MOVIE??

So true, joe is joining to valentines day movie along with ex-girlfriend TAYLOR SWIFT, this movie has great actors/ actress
jessica biel
jessica alba´
jennifer garnrer
joe jonas
emma roberts
taylor swift
taylor lautner
anne hathaway
and more!!!
do you think its gonna be akward fr JOE & TAYLOR to be in a movie together???

Miley and JUSTIN twitter fight??

MILEY: I dont have a BF in GA !!

Oh God. Here we go again.. Miley Cyrus clinging to the side of a new man named Beau on Broughton Street in Savannah, Georgia recently. He's supposedly over 21. So long Nick & Justin or is it just a costar?

Miley: I ate too much that im sweating crab

Miley: I miss your smell

i miss your smell

Tiffany and Selena gomez friends??

Tiffany Giardina chatted with WZAP Radio Host Zachary Sang. I
f you were a guy, who would you rather date, Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus? '

That's a weird question to think of. But I really love Selena. She's the sweetest girl ever. Like, every time I see her, she runs over and gives me a big hug," she adds of the star of the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place.

I really love her. She's really down to earth.'So, which guy would she date? 'I really like Xavier Samuel [From Eclipse].' Why can't you like Robert Pattinson like every other girl? 'Because I do my research.'

Selena Gomez KISS & TELL

Selena Gomez CD is called: KISS & TELL and her band name is the scene.