Thursday, April 28, 2011

In or Out: Anna Kendrick in Zuhair Murad

A bod for sin (but you can barely tell).

Anna Kendrick attends the Vanity Fair Party at the 2011
Tribeca Film Festival in New York City in a Zuhair Murad dress.

Yikes. Well, she certainly busted out of her normal little twee full-skirted party dresses.

Look, as internationally renowned fashion bloggers we've learned two very important things:

1) Stay hydrated.
2) Chacun à son goût/People are people/everything's everything.

In other words, you never can tell what people are going to like or dislike. Us? We look at this dress and think it's one hellaciously tacky bit of Tess McGill-ness, but perhaps you think it looks sassy and classy. We won't (you're wrong) try and (wrong) convince you otherwise (so very, very wrong), so we'll try for the practical argument: all those bands cutting across her body are distracting and tend to obliterate her natural shape, which is quite the accomplishment, considering how tight this thing is. In fact, with the broad shoulders and waist-hiding bodice, this looks just a little drag queen to us. And oddly, for all its attention-seeking qualities, it's like you can't really see the person wearing the dress. All you see is the dress.


IN! I LOVE "Working Girl!" Let the river run!

OUT! It looks like a Snooki reject!

Minion Opinion on Hayden Panettiere's salute to early '90s soft rock? What do YOU think, darlings? It was an almost unanimous OUT.

[Photo Credit: getty]

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