Thursday, April 28, 2011

Man on the Street: Matthew Morrison

LinkMr. Schu and his shoes.

Matthew Morrison arriving at LAX.

We've spent the last several days wallowing in spring sweat around here. Is it really that cold in L.A. that he needs a scarf or is this just one of those adorable celebrity affectations? At any rate, the outfit works, especially for an airport. We like the jacket - a lot, actually. Except it does kind of look like someone took a button gun and randomly shot it up. You will be happy to know that our annoyance with matchy-match outfits extends to the penis'd. It's not just a lady thing. Guys shouldn't be wearing gray shoes with a gray shirt, gray jacket and gray(ish) scarf. Why so glum, Matthew? Your ensemble looks like a storm cloud. Are you depressed because you don't get big solos anymore? Pissed off because the writers of your show have made your character almost completely unlikable? Annoyed because the gossip columnists keep trying to claim you're having an affair with Gwynnie and no one seems to care? Whatever the reason, you need some color in your life, boy. You're on a hit show and you've got killer abs. The rest is gravy. Put on a red shirt and dance the blues if you have to, but just get some color on that bod, pronto.

[Photo Credit: Photo Agency]

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