Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Michelle Williams Covers Interview Magazine

Raiding Rosemary's closet.

Interview Magazine May 2011 Issue
By Vendela Vida
Photographer: Mikael Jansson
Stylist: Karl Templer
Hair: Antony Turner
Makeup: Mark Carrasquillo

On her Norwegian background: "No, I’ve never been [To Norway], and my mom didn’t speak it. We made a lot of lefsa, a Norwegian dessert, to compensate. I was talking to my grandma on the phone maybe a month ago, and she said, 'Did you ever hear this story about Inge? Inge Jacobin?' I said, 'No, but it’s a great name, Inge Jacobin. Tell me about Inge Jacobin.' Inge Jacobin would be my great, great grandmother, I think, and she was a stowaway. At 15 years old, she got on a boat from Norway, made it to Ellis Island, and then hopped on a covered wagon, and that’s how they got to Montana. I found that out after I made Meek’s."

On shooting Meek's in Oregon: "The only part of your body left exposed to the sun were your hands. My hands have aged at a rate disproportionate to the rest of my body because of being out there in the hot sun for two months. You couldn’t keep sunscreen on your hands; you were just sort of filthy all the time."

On choosing her roles: "How do I say this? It’s like a mechanism in my life that runs on its own. When other things in my life don’t, and are broken and aren’t going well, for some reason my decision-making mechanism has a little engine of its own, and it’s fine. So I don’t overthink it. I’ve come to learn that the choices I labor over and go back and forth about and ask a million people for their opinions and make lists about . . . those are always the wrong choices. I’ve definitely made a couple of those, and that’s how I know now that it’s not the best way for me to decide."

She sounds interesting and intelligent, which is a refreshing change of pace for an actress giving an interview. We always thought she was the best thing about Brokeback Mountain, by far, and she's been a favorite of ours ever since. Interesting celebrities are a rarity, after all.

So, yes: great interview. Also, a great editorial of beautifully shot beautiful clothes.


Prada Dress. Louis Vuitton Shoes.

Chanel Dress

Michael Kors Shirt

Fendi Dress

Bottega Veneta Dress. Janz & Cooper Sunglasses.

Nina Ricci Coat.

Marni Coat. Vintage Scarf.

A) The Mia Farrow resemblance was pushed perhaps a bit too hard on this one, and

B) We really, really get skeeved out by infantilized women. Especially when it's someone we think is too smart and too interesting to be doing that sort of thing.

Granted, it's not overtly sexualized, but the Peter Pan collars with the Mary Janes and the knee-highs? Way too much for us. Still, the photos are beautiful and she makes for a pretty good model. It's just the styling that turns us off.

[Photo Credit: Mikael Jansson,]

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