Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WERQ: Jessica Simpson in Etro

Except for the hair. Let's get that out of the way first.

Jessica Simpson arrives at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood party held
at Eden in Hollywood in a dress by Etro and Giuseepe Zanotti shoes.

Etro Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Caroline Brasch Nielsen

A little story about J Simp: when she was the finale judge for Project Runway last year, we got a closeup glimpse of her as she walked past us for picture-taking in the tent. Now, we've encountered a decent amount of celebrities in person over the years and in pretty much every single case, they are much, much smaller and thinner than they look in pictures or onscreen. People have a hard time believing this, but Michael Kors is actually slim. He just has a round face that reads as chubby on camera.

Jessica was the only celebrity we've ever seen in person who turned out to be significantly larger than she appears in pictures. We were actually a bit shocked, but we walked away with a newfound respect for her because she gets dinged a lot for not knowing how to dress the body she has now, but she's apparently been doing a better job than people realized. If anything, she just hadn't learned how to dress herself for pictures.

We really love this look on her. Like we said above, the hair's awful, so we're not even going there. But there's a bit of conventional wisdom about dressing for a larger-sized woman that dictates no wild prints and no form-fitting dresses. Here's J Simp calling bullshit on that. We think this dress is crazy flattering on her. We think the length leaves a bit to be desired, but the fit is pretty great and her legs look killer. Not in love with the shoes, but the dress is the star attraction here, so we don't mind them. We think she looks adorable and more importantly, we think SHE thinks she looks adorable, and that's the most important part of dressing well; loving the way you look.

Now if we can just get her to work on her hair...

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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