Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Michelle Obama, Getting Eggy With It.

Yolking it up.

Michelle Obama during the Annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House.

Tracy Reese Resort 2011 Collection

It's times like this that we feel really sorry for any woman who takes on the role of First Lady. Here she is, required to stand next to a Secret Service agent in a bunny suit and forced to make omelettes with Kelly Ripa in front of hundreds of people. We don't know which fate is worse. On the other hand, she always has an excuse to put on a pretty dress, so that might make up for it. Granted, she doesn't always wear dresses we'd call "pretty," but isn't that what makes her more interesting, from a style perspective, than most of the First Ladies of the last 40 years?

The good news is she wore a dress we feel comfortable classifying as pretty. We've said this before, but we're both a sucker for a good yellow/gray color combo. Love the print. The silhouette really works for her because everything is exactly the right proportion for her body. Those high-waisted full skirts aren't always her friend, but when she finds one that hits her in just the right way, she looks great. We think the seaming on the bodice is interesting, but probably would have liked the design better if things were kept simpler. It's a minor complaint, though. She looks great and she looks totally Easter-appropriate.

[Photo Credit: AP Photo, style.com]

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